Photography And Expression (The Butterfly Effect)

Hello there ! This blog will be my e-journal on my IB MYP unit on “The Butterfly Effect” for Visual Arts. The following are the key elements that will be explored throughout this blog, and everything will go back to these concepts listed over here.

Global Context: Fairness and Development (Difference and inclusion)

Key Concept: Development

Related Concepts: Interpretation, Play

Statement of Inquiry: Different interpretations can be developed through play.

If you make a web search on the butterfly effect, you will learn that it is about a small change that can make large differences and impacts to our lives and the rest of humanity. For examples, scientists predict that the temperature will rise by five degrees Celcius by the next century, and that this would wipe out all species, including humans itself. (sorry if I went to off topic) Now, heading back to art, small differences in artworks make so much of a change in the message that is communicated or interpreted by the audience. For example, think of a photograph of a scenery of a bright sunny day which is supposed to give off an optimistic impact. However, just by turning the colour of the sun from yellow and orange into black and white can mean a whole new thing, including grief, sadness or maybe a dark secret shrouded behind a happy surrounding, to communicate mystery, since only the sun is being changed here. What do you think ? Big right ?

Therefore, when photographers take their subjects, they need to be specific when it comes to many aspects including:

– space

– balance and colour

– framing

– perspective from which the photo is taken

In this unit (and blog), we will be analyzing various photographs of renowned photographers in different continents, and how changes (difference and inclusion of things) changes the way we communicate things, making the art the unique thing it is.

Hope you enjoy this creative adventure !




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