A Few Photographic Terms To Get That Message

Here are a few photographic terms that I will be trying to use in the next few posts on the Abstract Expressionism movement along with an analysis on my second photo.

Abstract – Focuses on elements of the art piece (line and shape) rather than a certain and realistic object, making it look rather unreal.

Content – The subject or information captured in the photograph.

Direct Approach – Capturing the shot directly without taking it from weird angles or changing it in any way.

Documentary Photography – A photograph that is used mainly to communicate a person, place or event.

Expressive – communicates a lot of emotion

Geometric Shape – Simple shapes found in geometry such as rectangles, triangles, squares and circles

Intention – The reason/cause for the art of work to be produced

Landscape – A setting that portrays the natural world.

Objective – A point of view, which are bias free, and considers justice and equality.

Representational – An image which shows images/objects that can be recognized.

Subject/Theme – The main or powerful idea or content in a piece or pieces of work.

This is where I got most of these definitions from. There are a few more words for your reference, so please do look at it.







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