A Look At Life

In this post, we will be analysing a second photograph, taken by none other than me ! This was taken in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I was trying to quickly catch a photo of the busy city with my camera. However, I needed to use flash without interfering others, Thus, I covered my finger on the lens, and that is what you see as the shadow.

(This photograph has not been edited in any way.)

A Look At Life

For me it was deja vu ! It looked so awesome, and the fact that it was quite a direct approach made me even more proud. However, after looking through it again, the finger felt like a lamp shining on the centre of the street. The rain also looked a little bit like snow, which gave it extra effect.

From this piece of documentary photography, I see a modernised Vietnam, quite a long time since the Vietnam War. People have grown and as they continue to work hard at life, rain pours down on them, when all they’re trying to do is to get back home. This photo in my eyes expresses suffering and overcoming issues and challenges they face. Although Vietnam was basically a city of ruins after the war, they worked, and worked and worked, until they got here. For a second, I thought that I was in KL itself.

The vague subjects in the background clearly communicate my intention of a hustling and bustling Vietnam. The darkness shows that it’s really late, and that rain/snow is pouring down on them, and yet they cannot reach home. The contrast between the neon lights and the motorcyclists were actually there to show a silent atmosphere. The finger/lamp proved to show the spotlight of the picture, which is the cyclist in the centre.

I chose this photograph to post here because I can relate to it. Ever since I skipped grade levels (not trying to boast here), I have been working hard ever since I started tackling the IB MYP two and a half years ago. I have walked in rain, went down in tears and had a great lack of sleep. However, I still carry on, and continuously take another step forward. The hard work and pressure we experience as children is even more valuable compared to those experienced by adults, in my opinion, because it shapes you as a person and also determines your future greatly.

No matter what comes in your way, always try your best, because you need to believe that you can take down anything that comes in your way.


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