History Says A Thousand Words

In this post, we will be analyzing our third photograph (yay !), as we look at history and the protests and wars that have happened in our much-filled past. This photo was taken in 1989 at Tian An Men Square, Beijing, China, when hundreds of thousands protested due to a lack of mourning for the communist’s party general secretary Hu Yao Bang.


Personally, I like the way that the side is really dark, as it gives off an eerie, silent and dark atmosphere. The fact that the streets are quiet and silent show that people are going to be attacked, what more innocent people, as nobody knows about it. The man in front of the first tank is also questionable, as it may depict the man that is leading all of this – the man that is to be guilty.

I like how this photograph was taken from the top and not the side or the front, as this shows the big picture of the silent streets, which boost the photo’s composition. The subject, which is not exactly in the centre, could mean that it is about to turn, and that the people are going to be attacked right after this turn. It keeps me on end, wondering what is going to happen, and makes me come up with my own conclusion on the event.

That’s photography. Something we know about gives off a thousand words. We look at a photo, analyze the various things that make it, before making our own conclusion or opinion. We develop our thinking, and therefore, good photography will make you think what is going to happen next.


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