The True Meaning of Happiness (My Photo Essay)

During the Chinese New Year holiday, I captured a few photographs that for me, showed a little of the dark side about how some people may not be feeling as happy when others are. The places that the photographs were taken include Kuala Lumpur, Kedah and Penang, and have not been edited in anyway.

DSCN6114 (1)

DSCN6140 (2)

DSCN6144 (3)

DSCN6148 (5)

DSCN6156 (4)  DSCN6164 (6)

DSCN6165 (7)

Narration/Artistic Intention

We walk around. We talk, we go on social media, play games, the list continues. Yet, we forget that there are others. People without anything. They are busy washing, while others just have fun. The bell strikes 12, and people like me are woken up by the sounds of fireworks and celebration. Clock hits 11, and we become models as a united family. Yet, we forget that some are quiet, while all others do is crave for more food. What is the true meaning of happiness ? We may never know – some will never experience the development and fairness.


(100 words)


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