Was It Just My Day ? (A Short Reflection)

Looking at my plan, I have to say that I definitely lacked time management, but yet it still worked out my way. This was because I decided in the end to leave my photographs unedited, because this would delete the authentic message and feel it was supposed to give out.

Since we couldn’t go to the Dance class and take photographs related to contact improvisation, I decided to make the most out of the Chinese New Year holidays instead, to take photographs related to what I call “celebrations” in my father’s hometown on Kedah. It was definitely a perfect opportunity to capture the culture in rural areas, where it is more quiet and brings out an eerie atmosphere.

Overall, I think I did quite well and have definitely learned how to appreciate and analyze photography in many more ways. Photography indeeds make you think “What’s that message ?”

This unit was definitely fun, interesting and interactive, because we got to analyze various pieces of photography, which are as below, and also experiment with different styles of photography to come up with our own style to express ourselves in our own unique way.

This was the peer assessment by Tim on my photography experimentation.



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