Another Form of Photography (Photo Montage)

I am sure we’ve all heard the word photo montage, right ? Looking at the language aspect, montage means “fitting” in Germany. Therefore, a photo montage is a synthesized form of two or more photographs where more photographs are added to give more meaning and effect to it. It helps define a subject better in a single photograph. For me, photo montages are mini photo essays, because they are all in one.

The difference between the photo montage and a collage is that the photo montage usually has more meaning and compliment each other when selecting photos for it, while the collage is usually a wide spread of photographs that may vary in symbolism.

The origins of photo montage go back to the Berlin Dada Group in Berlin, Germany. After the world wars, this group was desperate to try to find ways to communicate the chaos of the time, and therefore developed montages. At one point of time, they even held their exhibition in the toilet to give off more effect !

Here is an example for you.


We will be talking more about photo montages and photo editing next month, and how it influences a message.

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The above work is a dictionary definition. This is my prior understanding on the photo montage using my own definition and the terminology listed.

“A photo montage is the juxtaposition of several photographs that enhance the overall message of a photograph.”


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