A Look At Combination (More Photography Terminology)

Since we’re going into the photo montage next (after finishing up the photo essay), I’ve posted up a few terms over here that are related to the photo montage along with their definitions (of course). They will be uploaded to the page with all of the terminologies as well.

Joiners – A photography technique where several photographs overlap each other. The images are taken separately and are digitally merged to form a larger one.

Photo Montage –  A synthesized form of two or more photographs where more photographs are added to give more meaning and effect to it. It helps define a subject better in a single photograph.

Juxtaposition – A juxtaposition is when we place things “side by side”. They are used for comparison and contrast, as a part of effect and meaning.

Composition – The arrangement of different elements in a piece of work which make it distinct and unique.

Technique – A skill used to give effect to the object, which is in this case photography.

Temporal Clarity – A photograph that expresses time and shows how everything is temporary and will change.

Elements of Time – The time we take a photograph matters the most as that single moment could mean a lot to someone.

Digital Processing (Technology Science context) – A series of various techniques that help improve the digital communication of technology.

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