Experimental Photos (Telling A Story)

Upon returning from my expedition to Taman Negara, I was scanning through my photographs and found some good ones that communicated the theme of motion. I don’t think I will be using these for my montage, since I already have taken some other photos with a different theme. They aren’t as clear because I used a regular small camera, so don’t blame me.

I find these good practice for the other photographs I will be taking later on for my montage, as in this expedition, we were moving extremely fast on all sorts of boat rides or trying to catch some fast moving fish in the river. We were all already tired enough, so this photography session proved to be challenging !

For a little bit of background, let me tell you what I mean by  “communicating the theme of motion”. For me, it’s not about transportation and vehicles that are precious and worth capturing. In my opinion, capturing what the transportation causes is a more definitive form to communicate motion. Still motion, for me, is rather boring. Capturing something that is rather blurred out, for me, feels like there is more motion. It’s about capturing something that the naked eye doesn’t see easily, like when you stop the time. Motion needs to tell a story, and for me, that’s how you do it. This will be discussed more in detail in my next post – the plan for the montage.

Over here, I have uploaded a lot of experimental photos, so browse through them. Please note that some of them were taken at different times, such as last month and even half a year ago.















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