A Process of Editing – Telling A Story

As I compiled a few photographs for my photo montage with my DSLR based on my theme of curving light, I was looking through them and found that editing actually made the photos look really cool and refined them, enhancing the message (and wonder) of the photograph as a whole. Through two simple steps of editing by using the “neon” and “boost” features on Picasa, I managed to make the photographs look more abstract, while adding a nice touch of red to them. I have a few screenshots of the editing process. I will reveal more of the original photographs and edited ones later, as I don’t want to end up uploading repeats or spoil the montage for both the audience and the teacher, including the techniques used to capture them !

Fullscreen capture 352015 94410 PM

Fullscreen capture 352015 94703 PM

Fullscreen capture 352015 94832 PM


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