Evaluating Different Photo Montages – Different Perspectives in Photography

In class, we had to evaluate each other’s work. What did I think of the different photo montages ?



Here is the feedback I received for my photo montage.




Looking at my photo montage, I can say that the connections between each image are definitely there, since the connections to make a face definitely place the montage on an entirely new meaning. The composition is definitely telling a story, as through the connections, we can see that we need to believe in ourselves, and that greatly influences who we are as a person. It shows a personal journey in life, which is definitely telling a story. Overall, I can say that I have created a photo montage, as the key was the word’s original meaning of “fitting” and juxtaposition. I definitely made it meaningful. However, I could have improved by ensuring that the face was clearer, such that the story could have been communicated better. Many did not get the message until I told them what it was about or they viewed the artistic intention. Even still, I needed to explain it further to them. Therefore, this is I something I could work on to help people identify the main message.

REFLECTION – How does creating a joiner with these photos differ my perspective on the subject of the photo ?

If you originally looked at my photographs, you would just think that the message was light – a bunch of light, at that fact, that is travelling in who knows how many directions. However, now that juxtaposition is applied into the montage, the connections change everything completely from a bunch of light to a personal journey – a face staring into the sky. Something that was originally about light turned into something more personal – self-discovery. Something that anyone could have understood turned into something that some may not feel with or understand. The overall subject suddenly feels a lot more abstract – a lot more mystical. Therefore, a joiner could change a usually seen idea to something that isn’t commonly found, and that’s what makes photography more unique.


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