A More Analytical Look Into Liang Yue

I have created a Prezi based on Liang Yue, which analyzes five different pieces. Five different people have given their opinions, and this will make a fruitful look into different perspectives. Hope you enjoy !

Done By: Brian Surin, Timothy Liang, Ong Zen Yu, Koh Vy Tran and Rania Aaliyah Petri



Its Just A Flashlight, Yet Its Not Just A Flashlight…

© Liang Yue

© Liang Yue

© Liang Yue

(Morse Code 4, 5, 6 of the collection “Several Dusks” by Liang Yue)

As discussed before, photography is a form of expression, whether it comes from the feelings inside of the photographer or the historical touch that is conveyed. These photos were taken by Chinese photographer Liang Yue, who is from Shanghai, who is well known for capturing  silent and low impact photos, which creates an all new version of tension that communicates a sense of isolation to the audience. From what I have noticed, Liang likes to use light, with a soft and gentle fade to it, creating a gentle atmosphere which causes the tension and silence.

All of these features are what make me appeal to this collection. It feels like there is a silent secret that no one would know about. Others also highlighted that it could be a call for help. Looking at the real intention of communicating the role of a passerby and his or her specific situation, I can say that I’ve guessed it right.

Another thing I liked is that she uses peaceful settings that still can give out tension. For example, looking at Morse Code, the picture in where the setting is a farm gives me a soft sense of gentleness, but also gave me a feeling of suspense after wondering what the torchlight was about.

Overall, Liang Yue’s photos vary in many ways, even though it’s about three photos from the same collection. The city picture uses a lot of line and symmetry, while the farm picture had a lot of space and texture within it. These are the wonders of photography.